web design iconWhether you are looking to create a website or just revamp your current one, we have a solution that's right for you.

Custom websites - Introduce the world to you or your business
Existing website redesign - Make the changes to stay current.
Business Start-up Packages - Full range of services available

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graphic design iconWith some basic ideas from you, we can work together to make your dream graphics come true.

Logos - Help you create your company logo
Web Ads - Create banners for the online world
Fliers - Design and print fliers for any occasion
Business Cards - Design and print your business cards

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computer repair iconOur team can help you with all of your basic computer needs, from installing hardware and software to protecting your computer from harmful viruses

Optimization - Make your computer faster and easier
Security - Virus detection, elimination and protection
Hardware - Install new or upgrade your current hardware
Remote Services - We can fix most problems remotely

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our mission

Ravonyx LLC is a newly envisioned company specializing in website design, graphic arts, PC repair and more. Our mission is to evolve your business to the next generation. With our framework, we can integrate any size interest from individual hobbyists to small or medium-sized businesses. Our all-encompassing marketing strategy and design blueprint is a perfect opportunity for everyone to promote and expand their personal or company vision.

featured work and portfolio

  • Some of Our Websites
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  • 3blindmiceshow.com3BlindMiceShow.com
    This client wanted us to update the look of their existing site for 2011. Since the site is for dollhouse miniatures shows, we put the site inside of a doll house.
  • chrisanneslife.comChrisannesLife.com
    This is a Start-up Business and personal photo gallery site for a custom jewelry making business. Services included Logo and Business card design along with intergration of Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.
  • hunterchaseagency.comHunterChaseAgency.com
    HCA was an online comic book concept site where the visitors could try to solve monthly mysteries. It featured hand drawn art using no flash.
  • hunterchaseproductions.comHunterChaseProductions.com
    Created for one of our partners as a portfolio site where he could not only showcase his graphics but also sell his designs through his cafepress store.

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  • Newest Tutorial
    Want to upload photos to Facebook but they are too big? Learn how to Resize images using Paint in Windows 7
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  • Remote Services
    remote services Easily get your computer checked out without leaving your house or having anyone come in.
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