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Basic HTML Help

These are the basic HTML tags you would need for doing things on the web such as making an ebay listing, writing a blog, responding with images or a video to facebook messages, inserting a link into a tweet, etc. The rest of the tags would be for more moderate uses such as creating a very basic webpage. If you learn these few and how and when to use them then you will be on your way to actually creating content on the web instead of just being destined to look at what others have created. Almost everyone of these tags were used to create the page you are looking at now along with CSS (for styling).
Here is an example of this very page without the CSS styling and just the HTML code.

<b> Used for bold text
<blockquote> Used for a long quotation
<br /> Used for a single line break
<code> Used for computer code text
<div> Used for a section in a document
<em> Used for emphasized text
<font> Deprecated. Used for font, color, and size for text (ebay)
<h1> to <h6> Used for HTML headings
<hr /> Used for a horizontal line
<i> Used for italic text
<img /> Used for an image
<li> Used for a list items
<ol> Used for an ordered list
<p> Used for a paragraph
<q> Used for a short quotation
<s> Deprecated. Used for strikethrough text (blogs and forums)
<strong> Used for strong text
<table> Used for a table
<td> Used for a cell in a table
<th> Used for a header cell in a table
<tr> Used for a row in a table
<ul> Used for an unordered list