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7 Keys to Optimizing your computer

These are the 7 keys to optimizing and old or even new computer. They should be done in this order as well. There are several FREE programs that work great so no need to buy any of the stuff you see advertised on late night TV with really bad actors showing you how slow their PC is. Also not all freeware is created the same so be sure if you use something other that what we suggest here that you check out reviews on it first.

We Use Revo uninstaller for the first step
1. Correctly Uninstall programs and remove leftover files --

We Use Glaryutilities for the next few step
2. With the programs left, stop unneeded startup programs or background running apps

3. Purge everything your system doesn't need on the hard drive.

4. Fix all Registry errors

5. Reorganize the Start Menu items and the files on the hard drive into easier to find places

6. Defragrment the hard drive

7. Upgrade RAM to the maximum possible that that Mainboard (motherboard) can handle and any Hardware such as video cards, etc.

Need to upgrade your RAM but don't know how much your computer can handle? Don't know what RAM is? Don't worry, we can help. We will have your PC running very fast and smooth with far less clutter for your to think about. We will help simplify menus and reducing the overall clutter of your system.